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It is made in ancestral-type brick ovens where the agave is cooked for over 24 hours in direct contact with steam, and continues cooking indirectly for another 48 hours at low heat; hence, a total of 72 hours. This process ensures a uniform preparation of the agave and generates much more complex scents and flavors.


Once cooked, the agave is crushed through a roller mill where the sugars are extracted and then fermented.

Our tequila distillery has its own water wells that allows us to maintain steady water quality and ensures that the characteristics of the distillate do not vary.


This is a key process that differentiates us from other distilleries because we do not use any commercial yeast. We designed our own yeast that works exclusively in the environmental conditions of our distillery to obtain unique flavors.


The distillation is made in stainless steel stills. Our tequila is destilled twice, giving origin to a double distillation.

It is during this process that our Master Distiller draws on his experience and his exceptionally sensitive smelling and tasting qualities to give our tequila its perfecting touch so it may achieve its profile.


The tequila rests and ages in white American oak barrels (used previously to age whisky) where its color and flavor are refined in the optimal environment of our cellar.

Our storage cellars have a record height, higher than any other in the tequila industry.


Our product is bottled, labeled, and sealed in a way that guarantees the highest standards of quality and hygiene, with proper presentation. Proudly, the whole process is done exclusively by women of the community from around the production plant, and we have maintained 60% of the labelling and packing manually to ensure an artisanal essence in our product.

We work everyday to create a brand that will soon be a reference of Mexico to the world.

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